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Počitelj, a small town, is located next to the main road M-17 Sarajevo-Mostar-Čapljina 3 km north of Čapljina.

It is assumed that it was built by the Bosnian king Tvrtko in 1383. Its Mediterranean appearance was orientally reshaped after the Turkish conquest.

Počitelj is thus dominated by oriental building styles, which together with the remains of the Mediterranean style give this settlement a special dimension.

In the coming period, and for the purpose of defending against the conquest of the Turks, the Hungarian-Croatian King Matthias Corvinus together with the local nobility established Pocitelj. The Republic of Dubrovnik also provided great financial support, which, among other things, financed the construction of a bridge over the Neretva River. The Turks conquered Počitelj in 1471 and it almost became the seat of the captaincy. With the Venetian conquest of Gabela in 1694, Počitelj took over the previous role of the border center that Gabela had and kept it until the 19th century.

Today, Počitelj is one of the most famous and beautiful national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you come in July, when the Art Colony is held, you will be greeted by a special liveliness on the stone cobblestones of this historic town, which will be adorned with works of art by the greatest painters of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.


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